ACX stands for Audiobook Creation Exchange and is part of Amazon.


The platform offers 3 services:


           1)      ACX is a platform which can be used by independent, indie publishers and publishers to turn their written book into an                                       audiobook.


           2)     Independent narrators offer their services to authors and book writers to narrate and create an audiobook. So, the Indie-                                   authors, writers and publishers can search and hire the narrator with the right voice for their artistic work.


           3)      ACX´s publishes the finished audiobooks on Audible, Amazon and on iTunes so there are available for sale. Depending on the                            contract between the publisher and the narrator the pay both a commission per sale or the pay the publisher a fee per sale.


Audible is one of the biggest audiobook platforms in the US and in the UK. They are actively promotion their platform in the media and they offer all kind of extra and incentives to authors, writers and publishers to make sure they those ACX above other available platforms.


This makes it the most interesting and profitable platforms to publish your audiobooks on. Of course, there are also other platforms like Authors Republic and Find Away voices which you can use the publish your audiobooks and distribute them to a lot of channels. But, until now those platforms turn out to be significantly less profitable.


So, they main question from Indie-Authors, writers and publishers is: Is there a legal and approved way to publish audiobooks through the ACX platform while being a resident in Europe (outside the UK and Ireland), South- or Mid-America, Asia or Australia or New-Zealand.


Well, in my opinion there is. And I am going to explain step-by-step how. In these blog articles and training video´s am not only going to explain how, but more importantly why. I will analyze the ACX official texts, the (US) law and use quotes from my CPA/Lawyer.


The fact that you are still reading, means this is applicable for you and that you want to publish your books which are currently published through KPD on Audible as well.


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By subscribing you will get a daily video for 5 days, explaining everything. After that you are all set, and you can start selecting you books from KDP and get them narrated, so you can start receiving money from an additional passive income stream based on the books you already have and of course on the books you are going to create.


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