When you do research online you encounter a lot of service which can create an LLC on your behalf in the US. They all offer different services and different price strategies. Some may seem cheap in the beginning, but when starting the ´Create Company Wizard´ to step-by-step choose your company, they add a lot of additional services and costs. Some of them you need, others you definitely don´t need. This can bring a lot of confusion the first time.


While creating my own LLC in the US I have consulted different sources, both online as fellow publishers already gone through the process. When creating the free video series for you, I re-investigated those services again. Also having gone through the whole process myself and having my own CPA/Lawyer I have learned a lot.


So, what´s important when selecting the service?


          ⦿        The initial costs (yeah, that what´s most of you look life first)

          ⦿        The maintenance costs of your LLC in a specific state through that service

          ⦿        What products/services do they offer when setting it up.


What do you need?


          ⦿        You need the service to be able to create the company on your behalf

          ⦿        You want to service to apply for the EIN (Employee Identification Number) on your behalf

          ⦿        You want an agent service, to represent your business in the US (required by US Law).

          ⦿        Optional: you want a service that can file the C-Corp election for you, so you can focus on your publishing business



I have made a deal with my CPA and now I can offer a ´Done for You Service´. 


This done for you service is easier, cheaper and less time consuming. You will actually save money compared having it created by most online services.

Click on ´CPA CONTACT DETAILS´ to get in touch with him.


Have fun watching it inside the free training to set up your LLC for ACX and then continue with the following post, about Business Address and the Banking solution.




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