How to Create an LLC to publish Audiobooks on ACX when you don´t live in the US, UK, Ireland or Canada?


Audible is one of the biggest audiobook platforms in the US and in the UK. They are actively promotion their platform in the media and they offer all kind of extra and incentives to authors, writers and publishers to make sure they those ACX above other available platforms.


Which online service to choose to create your LLC in the US?


They all offer different services and different price strategies. Some may seem cheap in the beginning, but when starting the ´Create Company Wizard´ to step-by-step choose your company, they add a lot of additional services and costs.


How to set up your LLC for ACX in the US Step-by-Step overview.



In this blog series I will discuss on how to create a business (a legal entity for tax purposes) in the US. If you are from outside one of those 4 countries: US, UK, Canada and Ireland, you can also choose for UK, Canada and Ireland of course.


The requirements to have a US Business as a foreigner


Well the title is not totally correct. It´s better to say the requirements for a US Business. An official US Business or LLC has to have




Which type of LLC is the safest to choose for your ACX audiobook publishing business?

In the US, there are different type of businesses. One of those simple forms is called an LLC, which stands for Limited Liability Company. The name already suggests it´s goal. It's a construction to keep your private capital separate from your business capital.